Fossil Preparation Services

Fossils-uk is offering a wide range of preparation services to the general public and fossil collectors on the Yorkshire Coast.

Ever found a fossil in a stone and wondered what it looks like on the inside? Well we can help.

Our in house team of experienced preparators use the latest air tools, air abrasives and chemicals to carefully remove rock around the fossils and display them in an asthetic manner.

Below are a few examples of recent items we have prepared showing before and after photos.

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Full Service Now Available. You can post your items to us and we can post back!  


£20 per hour inclusive of VAT

(a small Yorkshire ammonite takes approximately 30 mins)

Services Available

We currently offer mechanical preparation of specimens, as well as cutting and polishing and air abrasive techniques. We do not currently offer acid preparation techniques at this time.

Turn Around Time

Will vary depending on business work loads.

Typical turn around is between 1 week for small simple items to one month on more complex and bigger items.


If would like an estimate please email us at or you can call into my retail shop on Grape Lane, Whitby. Please note that estimates are simply that they are estimates of the time involved and do not represent the final bill. When asking for an estimate please supply information about the location where the fossil was found as this will help ascertain the likely time needed.