Guarantee of Authenticity


The most frequently asked questions from first time buyers are

How do you know its real?”

Does the fossil come with a Certificate of Authenticity?”

Customer piece of mind is always our priority and philosophy.

So below is some information that will answer these questions and more so that you are completely happy with buying a fossil from

Before we definitively answer these questions you first need to know a little about us and our background.

WHO ARE WE? is owned and run by Byron Blessed. Byron has both an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Geology from Cardiff University, as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Palaeobiology from Bristol University. Byron started while at university and was the first website in the UK to do so. Long before google and eBay. This was in 1998. Once finishing his degrees then Byron opened his retail store called “Natural Wonders” in the picturesque seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire. An area rich in fossil finds. So we have been selling fossils online and in the store for over 20 years. The fact we are still doing it must mean we are doing something right. :-)


All our fossils are found by ourselves or by our fossil hunting friends. With most of the English fossils being prepared in our onsite fossil workshop.

If we do buy fossils, we buy directly from “source”. We have many friends and contacts around the world that share our passion for fossils. They also find and prepare the fossils they find just like us. We then obtain the fossils from our contacts and hand pick the very best of the best to show on our website and retails store.


Byron has extensive training and experience in spotting what is a good fossil and one that is fake. Foremost Byron is also a collector himself therefore he vets each and every fossil he buys to make sure that every fossil he sells is 100% genuine and authentic. If it isn’t good enough for his own collection then Byron will not buy it and sell it. All our fossils are also studied under a "black light" or UV light source as this shows up any restoration. If there is any restoration it is added to the product description.


Also we are so confident in this process that if at any point you are not happy with the item then we would gladly accept the item back from you and issue you a full refund (so long as the item is returned in an “as sold state”).

All this gives you (the customer), all the confidence when purchasing fossils from us.

They are the always going to be the best quality at an affordable price and you can be safe in the knowledge that every fossil has been vetted by a professional and qualified palaeontologist. Even the Natural History Museum of London has used our knowledge and experience to vet fossils for them.


As a general rule we do not supply “Certificates of Authenticity. It is just a piece of paper that can be lost or used to say something is real when it is not. But as explained above our “Guarantee of Authenticity” is that each and every fossil has been vetted by a trained specialist. But if you are ever unhappy with a purchase you can always return it (intact) for a refund that is how confident we are. Browse our online catalogues for our latest selection of high quality fossils and please do not hesitate in contacting us via email if you have further questions that you need answering