Robin Hood's Bay - Fossil Folklore at Boggle Hole

Come join us on a family fossil hunt to Boggle Hole in the heart of Robin Hood's Bay.

Step back in time and learn about Fossil Folklore and local legends as you search the beaches for Devil's Toe Nails (Gryphea), Fossil Thunderbolts (Belemnites) and St. Cuthbert's Beads (Crinoids)

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This is a 2 hour tour starting from the entrance of Boggle hole near the Youth Hostel.

The tour starts at the advertised start time so please come about 15 minutes before. 

The trip starts with a short presentation explaining the safety side of fossil collecting and showing you the different fossils that we may find during our hunt and talk about fossil folklore and explains how boggle hole gets its name.

Once you are primed with what to look for it is time to start looking through the pebbles on the beach and see what we can find. Our tour guide is on hand to identify your finds and if your pebble needs splitting open to reveal the fossil inside. 

The tour meanders its way along the rocky platform towards Ravenscar in the south to the beach at Stoupe beck where devils toe nails, fossil thunder bolts and star shaped crinoids can be found. 

A fascinating 2 hour tour that is bound to please all ages groups.

SUITABILITY RATING - Ideal for families, beginners, and amateurs. Suitable for younger children and for adults with mobility issues. 

START LOCATION - Bottom of road leading to beach near Boggle Hole, Youth Hostel, YO22 4UQ

PARKING - A small car park is available before you descend to the beach at Mill Bank, YO22 4UQ

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