Very Rare British Cretaceous Theropod Dinosaur Neck Vertebra from Isle of Wight, England (SKU V1010):- Theropoda – possibly Neovenator salerii

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Very Rare British Cretaceous Ornithopod Dinosaur Vertebra from Isle of Wight, England (SKU V1010):-  Ornithopod – Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis 

A very rare and well preserved, matrix free, vertebra from some kind of ornithopod dinosaur (possibly mantellisaurus). Identification confirmed by the museum expert. Comes with a display stand for display and with a species/locality label. Found:- The Wealden Clays, Wessex Formation, The Wealden Group, Barremian, Cretaceous, Brook Bay, Isle of Wight, England. Age:- 130 Million Years Old. Size of Vertebra = 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) long by 7.6 cm (3 inches) wide by 12.7 cm (5 inches) high.

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