Genuine Eocene Fossil Shark Tooth in Resin Necklace (SKU G34):- Mackerel Shark (Lamniformes)

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Genuine Eocene Fossil Shark Tooth In Resin Necklace (SKU G34):- Mackerel Shark (Lamniformes)

Stunning fossil shark tooth which has then been encapsulated in acrylic and made into a necklace on rubberised cord. An ideal gift idea for someone who has everything. Tooth Found:- Eocene Period, Phosphate Deposits, Morocco, North Africa. Age:- 55 Million years old. Full Length of Necklace Cord (to fit neck size) = 45.7 cm (18 inches) in diameter.

Please note that the fossil may differ from the one advertised here, but one of equal quality is guaranteed.

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