About us


Hello and welcome to fossils-uk.com

Who are we?

Byron Blessed M.Sc in Palaeo-biology, B.Sc. in Geology 

Fossils-UK.com is run from Byron’s retail outlet “Natural Wonders Ltd.”, in the picturesque seaside port of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

How long have we been in business?

Fossils-uk.com went online in 1998 which made us the first businesses to sell fossils on the internet in the British Isles (definitely a long time before e-bay). So we have been in business in one form or another for over 13 years.

Why buy from us?

Customer piece of mind is always our philosophy. Why would you buy a Jaguar car from behind a bike shed? You wouldn’t you would go to a recognised dealership where the sellers know what they are talking about. The same is true in fossils. Byron’s degrees in geology and palaeontology coupled with over 15 years in the business and over 25 years collecting means that we should know what we are talking about. 

All our products are either found and prepared by Byron or Byron hand picks Items from dealers stock. Therefore ensuring the quality is high, the price is low and there are no fakes. If Byron is not happy with it in his own collection then we do not sell it or buy it in the first place! 

All this gives you the customer confidence that when purchasing fossil from us they are the best quality at an affordable price and they have not been messed around with. 

We do not give Certificates of Authenticity as we believe the above mantra and our word is better than a certificate. But if you are ever unhappy with a purchase you can always return it (intact) for a refund that is how confident we are. Browse our online catalogues for our latest selection of high quality fossils.


When Byron finished university, with a B.Sc. in Geology and a M.Sc. in Palaeontology, he started running and designing  the website. Soon after this the opportunity arose to open a retail outlet in the fabulous seaside fishing port of Whitby, world famous for it’s fossils. So Byron opened “Natural Wonders” in the summer of 1999. Our retail shop is open 7 days a week (even in winter). We have grown to accommodate guided fossil hunting trips and we attend numerous fossil shows around the UK and Europe. In June 2005 we moved our retail shop only next door and we incorporated the business in January 2006. Once you have visited the website why not visit the shop. Hope to see you soon.

Fossils-UK.com is run by Byron Blessed, qualified Palaeontologist
Byron studying a T-rex skull at the Tucson fossil show
A large complete Eocene crocodile from the Green River Formation, USA